Top five things you should never wear to a wedding party

Top five things you should never wear to a wedding party

Man or women always struggle for selecting an appropriate get up for wedding party. Costly dress does not always make you sparkling; as you can never even think to wear romper or jeans at a wedding ceremony however expansive it is! You need to use your sense to think deeply what to wear as there is a hundred of option to wear. You just read what you should avoid to attend a wedding ceremony and get ready for the party.

2. Avoid a skimpy dress:

Put it down…put it down. Don’t even think to wear it. Don’t wear low-cut dress, though there is no problem in showing leg but one’s wedding party is not the place to say “look at me”. Try to wear dress which have long sleeves and yes, you can show little of leg. Don’t wear anything that makes you uncomfortable. Skimpy dress is within the top five things to avoid even if the day is too hot!

2. Sandals, flip flops:

Your shoes are the one of the top five important accessories which will make you think. It must be fashionable and at the same time must be comfortable also. In the wedding party there will be little or more dancing so, keep it mind and select a not too high comfortable one. But obviously you can’t wear any kind of sandals, flip flops.

3. Color of the dressঃ


Black is always gorgeous but the truth is that black doesn’t goes with any well wishing parties specially in case of women at wedding party. However fashionable it is but the people can take it as a curse or bad wishes. So put it back to your wardrobe for next night party.


Try to avoid any dress that will resemble the wedding dress and you will be mistaken as bride. But differently designed white can be worn. If you take off-white or pale white dress that will be fine. Don’t wear something that will be more gorgeous than the bride that will make you feel uncomfortable.


Before choosing neon color you should that at the wedding party there will be a photographer and your neon colored dress will destroy those pictures in which you belong. The color lime green, fluorescent pink is neither for your school parties nor for wedding ceremony. So, very carefully avoid it as it one of the top five bad wedding accessories.

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4. Jeans & T-shirts:

Avoid, avoid and avoid jeans and T-shirt however expensive, branded they are. It is a very casual party and if you are a known face then you are in trouble in jeans and T-shirt. So please cut it down from list. It is one of the top five bad wedding accessories.


Hats are big no! It is not any kind of derby or a walk in the sun. Hat must be avoided mostly by the man than woman in a wedding party. Our manner says that hat head is not good for anyone in a gathering. For women you have to remember this not any royal party so, do your hair stylish that will be more beautiful.
When you get a wedding ceremony invitation don’t let it go simply, dress gorgeous but as any other social event. It is also very important to behave nicely with the entire guest at the ceremony besides the clothing. And also don’t forget to give the couple a nice hug.