Top Five Pet Insurance Companies

Top Five Pet Insurance Companies


Pet insurance pays you for vet bills when your favorite pet become ill or get in an accident. Not all pet insurance companies offer same plan. That’s why it is very necessary for you to know about the top pet insurance companies. I recommend these as top five pet insurance companies because these are some of the top ranked companies who satisfied their customer over a long period and offer the best insurance plan for your pet. This article will help you to select the right insurance company for your lovely pet.

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Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws insurance is one of the top five companies because it provides most immense illness and accident coverage. It covers diagnostics and lab tests, surgery, hospital stays and prescription medication. The most amazing deal is their unlimited lifetime benefits, no claim caps. Healthy paws provide an option to customize their plan and the annual deductible option to fit your budget. A free mobile app of healthy paws will be more helpful for you.


Petplan insurance covers all accident and illness without hereditary facts including lab tests, hospitalization, and medication cost. It offers a fully customizable plan with limits of $2,500 to unlimited coverage annually. There is no per condition limits and no lifetime limits in their packages. Deductible option in every year makes their plan more attractive. They provide 24 hours convenient customer service via phone, live chat, email and fax.


Nationwide is the first and largest pet insurance company in the US. They are the Insurers of most birds and exotic pets. They offer a fully customizable plan and here deductible option is annual not per incident. There is no annual or per incident limit. It covers hereditary and congenital conditions.


Trupanion covers up to 90% of your pet’s medical bills. Their plans cover advance testing, surgeries, prescribed medications, orthotic and prosthetic devices and hospital stays. They offer low-cost deductible up to $1000 and the deductible option is per condition.

Pets Best

Pets Best is one of the least expensive pet insurance companies. So if you have an economic limitation, you should check out their deals. They cover up to 100% reimbursement. The most amazing deal is, they cover full hereditary and congenital conditions including hip dysplasia. Pets best pay claims within 5 days which are fastest in this industry.


Finally, hope these top five pet insurance companies will help you to decide which company’s insurance you want to buy for your pet. These all top five companies are well renowned and obviously worthy of taking your pet’s health responsibility.