Top five paw care tips

Paws are not only for walk and run but also a mean of shock absorbers, insulator in temperature change during weather. For all these reasons paw care is very important to keep your pets in healthy condition. Use these top five paw care tips which are advised by most of the veterinarian:

  1. Trimming of Nails

It’s imperative to maintain your pet’s nails properly trimmed. When the nails get too long there are chances to interact with things and hurt painfully. So, paw care is very important. First of the top five paw care tips is maintain your pet’s nails. There are nail trimmers in market specially made for just dogs or cats. The process is to just snip off the tip of the claw and make it blunt. There are also packet of kit containing scissors which is used to trim longer hairs growing around the nails and toes of the paw.

Top five paw care tips


  1. Cleaning the Toes

On a regular basis that can be once or twice in a week, look at your pet’s pads and toes of paw. There is a chance that any little objects like pebbles, pins, wood piece can be stucked beneath the skin. These things can lead to infection so, remove it carefully with tweezers. When it is not possible to take it out easily then go to the vet. Ignoring this paw care section sometimes become very dangerous even life threading.

  1. Paw Pads in Moisture Condition

It’s very natural that paws of dog and cat gets very dry and cracked mainly in winter season just human! Paw moisturizer is also available at any local pet store and the usage indication is also labeled on the pack.  Using such moisturizer also helps to keep the pads healthy. Please don’t even think to use the human moisturizer as it can cause digestive problem when they chew their paws. Paw moisturizer is made in a formula which suits only to animal. Maintaining moisture is very important among the top five paw care rules.

Top five paw care tips


  1. Be Aware of Seasonal Hazards

In the summer season the asphalt of the road becomes too hot which lead the paw to burns. On the other hand in the cold season, when the road becomes freeze; road salt, de-icer materials used in road hampers the paws. So to ensure paw care always check the paws after walk to avoid hazards and also follow all these top five tips.

  1. Massaging the Paws

Massaging has no alteration in health improvement. So, don’t ignore it, it gives paws a better health condition. Massaging improves blood circulation, muscles contraction, new skin growth. It’s also cleans the debris very well and replace the dead skin with new one. Try to massage the paws in a regular manner and even daily after long walk.

If you have love for your pets then these things are miracle for your pets. You can also consults with your veterinarian about more improvement in these paw care section. These simple things can have a large impact on your pet’s organs.