Top five Email marketing ideas

Top five Email marketing ideas to help you grow your business. In this post I’m sharing five email marketing tips to help you grow your business. Now just incase you don’t know email marketing is essentially when you get the email addresses of some of your potential clients, some of your current clients and maybe even some of your past clients. Email is one of the best way to stay in contact with your clients and also if you have any deals with you need to let your clients. Email marketing continues to be one the best ways to sell your products or services online. So if you’re not building an email list yet I definitely would recommend that you start.

Top five, Email marketing , email marketing ideas

Now my idea number one is to make sure that you are actively building your email list on a consistent basis.

My number two is to do what’s known as list segmentation. This means is basically used to segment the people in your email list based on characteristics. This might be things that they bought in the past. Definitely make sure that different people in different places on your email list. This will help you to improve your email open rates, click-through rates and also the amount of sales that you generate from your email list.

Now my idea number three is to always be selling through your email list. Don’t take this wrong way I’m not saying that every single email you should be pushing a product, but why I’m saying is that after you finish your email in the footer section of your email, You may include a link to your store or an affiliate link to a product. That means every time you send out anymore there’s a potential for you making some money.

Idea number four trying to tell a story through your emails. End of the email trying to learn interesting story speak about your day, speak about the reason why your email. This will help to increase engagement to improve your open rates and overall this will help to improve the amount of people who  actually click through after reading your email.

My idea number five is to make sure you are building a relationship with the people on your email least, let them know why you are creadible in a particular field. Let them know about their qualifications that you have. You also want to let people know who you are. They realize that you are a creatable source.

My final email marketing idea in this top five Email marketing ideas is to make sure you are always providing value. It doesn’t matter who’s in email of you given some valuable information but always make sure you are providing as much value as you possibly can because if you do that you will keep the right people your email list. Hopefully they will tell their friends and family about you, as well because of the great information they get from you on a great value. You would have successfully created a loyal customer for your business.

So hopefully this top five Email marketing ideas gave you some great tips on how you can improve your email marketing campaigns. If you have been started building an email list for your business yet then I’d definitely recommend that you start today .