Top Five Dog Foods

Top  Five  Dog  Foods

There many good choices of dog foods are available now. I think survival is not the only cause, why you feed your dog. You want to see your dog healthy. Your dog requires a high-quality well-balanced diet to live a healthy and long life. Here I show you the top five dog foods. These ideas can be very useful to you for choosing your dog foods. I recommend these as dog foods because these are some of the top quality dog foods in affordable price and available in most stores.



  1. Acana  Top five dog foods, top five

Acana is the grain-free dry dog food. It’s combined with 60-65% meat and 35-40% fruits and vegetables. I recommended it because it uses high protein but low carbohydrate formulas. It contains essential fatty acids of fish and pacific salmon oil which is the source of omega-3. These are the very essential for the dog’s natural diet.


  1. Orijen Top five, dog foods.

Orijen is also grained free food. I ranked it as number 2 because of its ingredients. The all top five ingredients are protein and comes from fresh meat and fish. Sweet potatoes are used here as the source of carbohydrate. It contains 80% protein and 20% carbohydrate on it.


  1. Taste of the wild Top five, dog food

Taste of the wild is another good choice for your dog. It’s grain free and suitable for dogs of all ages. It contains quality lean meats, fresh fish, nutrient-rich vegetable, and fruits. Omega fatty acid is blended and it supports a good digestive system.


  1. Wellness Top five , Dog foods

Found both in dry and wet format. Wellness is formulated for healthy dogs and perfect for regular feeding. It is grain free and high protein foods but minimum in fat and totally gluten free. It’s specially formulated for dogs which have allergies. Wellness is a little bit expensive among this top five dog foods. But it’s worthy for you because of its high quality.


  1. Nature’s variety instinct Top five, dog foods

Nature’s variety instinct is made by duck meal and turkey meal formula. It’s total grain, gluten, and potato free. It contains 70% pure animal ingredients and nutritious oil and 30% vegetables and fruits. Nature’s variety instinct is specially formulated for rotation feeding and may provide relief from most food allergy symptoms.

Finally, hope these top five dog foods will help you to decide which food you want to buy for your pet. These all top five foods are well balanced and affordable that can ensure your dog’s long and healthy life.