Top Five Disturbing Facts about Coca-Cola

Top Five Disturbing Facts about Coca-Cola


Here the disturbing facts about Coca-Cola will be disclosed as a list. You will find these really very exciting as we know Coca-Cola is your favorite cola and that can make you heart breaking soul.

Top Five Disturbing Facts about Coca-Cola

According to the official Coca-Cola website, they sell around 1.8 billion bottles of coke in a day. We know that you are aware of this, but you may not aware of these following disturbing facts.

Coca-Cola used to contains cocaine:

The first color drink was made by John Stein Pemberton in 1886 as a medicine to promise to cure all kinds of things from headaches to the hysteria. The ingredients included sugar, syrup, vanilla, cinnamon oil and two things that gave the drink its cola. Nut powder and coca leaf extract which contain cocaine. But you know cocaine has been banned in 1914 and Coca-Cola cover had stopped using fresh coca leaves to make their drink and instead. We are only using a spent coca leaf which is basically the same but with all the cocaine taken out. It is 1st disturbing facts of Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola contains 10 teaspoons of sugar:

The world health organization (WHO) recommends that the average person can consume no more than 6 teaspoons of added sugar in one day. That includes all drinks and all meals everything you put in your mouth must be under the recommended 6 teaspoons of sugar. So, you should be careful about Coca-Cola as it contains 10 teaspoons of sugar. It is 2nd disturbing facts of Coca-Cola.

If you drink too much Coca-Cola then you may die:

Someone actually died from drinking too much cola in 2013. There was a substantial factor in the death of 30 year old Natasha Harris. She apparently drinks 10 liters or 2.6 gallons of cola every single day. Her family said she had an addiction and one day she had a heart attack when to the cardiac arrest and died. Doctor said that she died due to insufficient potassium levels and excessive caffeine levels. It is the most important disturbing facts of all.

Coca-Cola in India contained pesticides:

In India, The center for science and environment of New Delhi announced that coke was found to contain pesticides. And this happens in 2003. And these substance used for killing insects on crops. They found that coke contained 30 times the amount of pesticide levels considered safe for human consumption. This situation decreases 11% of sale on that year.

Coca-Cola Contains Alcohol:

In 2012, researchers in France found the Coca-Cola actually contains alcohol. This caused quite a shock among people who chose a  dream because of health or safety reasons but other others were quick to point out that the alcohol levels in coke are as low as 10 mg per liter that works out to be about 0.001% for this was a disturbing facts to the people.
So, be careful about these disturbing facts about Coca-Cola. In future be aware of these for your health and caution.