Top five biggest living things on earth

Top five biggest living things on earth

Our world is full of wonderfulness which always snatches our interest to its living things which wear the crown of excellence. To satisfy your curiosity; the biggest five animals in the world are introduced here to you.

1. Blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus):Top five, biggest living things, top, five

Blue whale wears the crown for being the biggest of all the big animals among the living things on earth and remains within top five ranks. Blue whale belongs to the mammal class which the only tongue can have a similar weight of an elephant.

The average weight of blue whales is 180 metric tons with the length of 30 meters (98 ft). This giant animal surprisingly lives on the tiny food source krill (euphausiids). 1,000 kg (2,200 lb.) food is required to fulfill its stomach.

2. Humongous Fungus (Armillaria gallica):

top five, biggest living thing, Humongous Fungus

This is an annual honey mushroom which has snatched international attraction for being one of largest living things on earth and it also ranks within the top five largest organisms. This is found in the Oregon forest and has started spreading about two thousand years ago.  It can weight about 35,000 tons which cover about 2,200 acres area.  Its DNA testing has proved that it is the largest single living organism on earth.

3. Pando (Populus tremuloides):

Top five, Biggest living thing,

Pando is actually a single colony or single organism of quaking  male aspen. Pando weighs about 6,600 tons with 80,000 years old root system.  Pando has 40,000 items or more and covers about 106 acres area. The reproduction process of this giant organism is called suckering. This unique aspen which ranked in the top five among all the living things is dying now.

4. General Sherman (Sequoiadendron gigantism):

top five, biggest living things This is mainly the sequoia tree located in Tulare County, in the United States. The tree is 83.8 meters in height with a diameter of 25 ft.  There is an argument about the age of this largest tree among all the living things, some people say that its age is 2000 to 3000 years old while others say 6000 to 11000 years. The first branch of the tree starts at 130 feet from the ground.

5. African elephant (Loxodonta Africana): top five, biggest living thing

African elephant mainly the African bush elephant which ranks within the top five largest living things on earth having 10.4 tons weight and 13.0 ft tall. African elephants possess tusks and incisors which grown rate is about seven inches per year.

We find us so tiny as human when we look at the world’s largest ones. This is the fact that such big things actually habitat is this real world. We, human, are responsible for maintaining and securing their beauty.