Top Five awesome benefits of drinking Green Tea

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Green tea

People of this world have the ultimate conception about the benefits of green tea. It is not hard to find but, here you will get the best of top five benefits of drinking green tea.Green tea firstly discovered from China, but mostly the production has spread through India all over the world. It can be found through Camellia sinensis leaves. We heard lots of benefits of green tea. Most of the researchers show positive result like the active ingredient in green tea, EGCG, may fall your weight for a few pounds, and the others show no effect on health for drinking it. In this world, green tea is also known as the healthiest drink. In green tea antioxidants and nutrients are found that have powerful effects on the body.


Top Five benefits of drinking Green Tea


1. Killing bacteria, green tea can help you to avoid the attack of dental functions and risk of infection. Your risk of dying may decrease due to drinking it and you will live long.

  1. You can be smart because green tea helps to improve your brain function.At your old time, it helps to protect your brain and make it lower the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
  2. Antioxidants in Green tea help you to decrease the risk for various types of cancer.In green tea bioactive compounds can be found what is helpful for your body.
  3. To lose your weight green tea helps you.After burning your fat, it can perform a special activity to improve your health.

    5. Your risk of type ii diabetes will be lower due to green tea. And the risk of cardiovascular disease will decrease that will improve your health condition.


These top five benefits of green tea are most significant. And we can get a lot of benefits of green tea in our day to day life. So, enjoy the benefits of green tea, stay healthy and live long.

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